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How to install optical linear scale(part 1)

A, Installation environment

(1) Avoid exposing under the sun or high temperature environment, and the operating temperature is 0℃ to 40℃.

(2) Keep away from high voltage, large current or strong magnetic machines, signal cable should be kept away from power line.

(3) Avoid of installing in the oil, water or dust and high vibration environment, don’t install at the vibrational or unsteady worktable to avoid of fall or break down even hurt the worker.

(4) Keep away from corrosive chemicals.

(5) Metal avoid falling in or insert the optical linear scales 

B, Propositional interface

1. The effective movement of the optical linear scale should be larger than the

maximum travel of the worktable. If it is not long enough, change a longer one or install fixing blocks on the worktable. Not less than 10mm space should be spared between the end of the Read Head and the body of  the optical linear scale.

optical linear scales

2. As to the installation surface of  the optical linear scale, if it is not mechanical work surface, you should place a cushion on the back of the optical linear scale or self-made a installation cushion. Only in this case can ensure the stability and reliability of the optical linear scale and installation surface.

3. When you calibrate the parallelity of the body of the optical linear scale with level meter or other similar devices, the angle of the measuring head must be confined within ±30°(based on the measuring head of the level meter being parallel with the level meter itself). As for the angle, the smaller, the better.

4. Please closely consider the following factors when selecting the position where the linear scale to be installed:

1, Select mechanical work surface as the installation surface.

2, The groove of the optical linear scale must avoid the direct shock of metal powder, oil, water and dust.

3, The length of the L-board, in the possible conditions, the shorter the better, and the bearing pressure of  the installation surface of the L-board must be taken into close consideration, as well as the L-board serial Read Head and the interface of the moving


linear optical scale

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