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Optical linear scales and digital readout dro kits-Our main products

Pinrui is a professional manufactuer of optical linear scales and digital readout(DRO) system in China.  We are specialized in linear scales and digital readout(DRO) products, we have 3 production lines, two for linear scales and one for digital readout(DRO) system.

Thanks to the diligent and smart work our own research and development team,  now we have  readerhead  version3.0 of the optical linear scales. It’s much capable of standing wear and we registered our trademark.

The optical linear scales we produce are in 1um and 5um of resolution, the length is from 50mm to 3000mm, and can be use with all kinds of machine tools and CNC machine tools, such as milliing machine, turning machine, electric discharge machining(EDM), wire-cut EDM, machining center.

The digital readout(DRO) system we produced are 2 Axis and 3 Axis, and can be used with different resolution linear scales, such as  0.05μm,0.1μm,0.2μm,0.5μm,1μm,2μm,5μ ,10μm,20μm,50μm.

We also supply power supply and touch screen system, that is a part of digital control system.


Contact: Paul Lee

Phone: +86 170 9776 9619

Tel: +86 400 884 1889 / 0579-87301889


Add: No. 618, Tongan Rd, Changcheng industrial Zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China

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