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how to select optical linear scales

How to select optical linear scales

We know optical linear scales include these main parts: 1, aluminium alloy case 2, grating glass 3, readerhead(sensor) 4, cable.

Last time we talked about the aluminium alloy case we use, this time let talk about the grating glass and reader head(sensor).

We use 2.9mm*19.2mm grating glass, the grating distance is 0.02mm.

As we all know, the readerhead is the most important part of the optical linear scale, it contains all the technology there, and it’s the most Complex part.

So when we select an optical linear scales, we should consider whether the opitcal linear durable, also we should consider the after service cost.

Our reader head and cable is plug and play, and the inner cable is FPC, and also plug and play. And  we use NSK bearing, since our grating glass is bigger, the bearing is not run on the grating, it’s much durable and accurate.

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