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Magnetic linear scales

  • woodworking linear measuring systems
  • woodworking linear measuring systems
  • woodworking linear measuring systems
woodworking linear measuring systemswoodworking linear measuring systemswoodworking linear measuring systems

woodworking linear measuring systems

  • axis: 1
  • dro+magnetic reader head
  • model No: PG10L
  • Product description: magnetic sensor,magnetic linear scales, magnetic sensor with dro,

Magnetic linear measurement system also called magnetic measuring system, digital position indicator, linear position display. It is widely used in metal processing machinery, construction machinery, woodworking machinery, stone processing machinery, industrial transmission system, medical apparatus and instruments, doors, windows, curtain making equipment. There are 3 parts of this system, they are digital readout(DRO), magnetic sensor, and magnetic tape.



Linear position display

Magnetic measuring system

Digital Position Indicator

magnetic sensor display

woodworking linear measuring systems

Battery-powered measuring display systems

battery powered position indicators

compact magnetic linear measuring systems

Digital readout with magnetic sensor

Display resolution: 10um, 50um, 100um, 1mm

Repeated measurement accuracy: Ma x 10 um

Multifunctional menu: easy to set parameters

High contrast LCD display

Length/Angle measurement model

Absolute/relative measurement model

Buttons/menu can be locked

Metric/inch swappable

LCD backlight: clearly marked

Non-contact measurement, less wear and tear

High level of protection, oil resistance, dust resistance

Convenient embedded battery

Cassette case, installation is convenient


Measurement parameters

System accuracy: ±(0.03+0.01)mm

Measurement/display range: Max 50M/-1999999~1999999

Display resolution: 0.01/0.05/0.1/1mm

Movement speed Max: 5m/s

Dimension: 96*72*46.5mm

Opening size: 91.5*65.5mm

Housing material/color: ABS+PC/grey,red

Sensor cable length: 1M(Customized OK)

Weight: around 350g

Power supply: 2-AA 1. 5V batteries

Applied magnetic tape: MS 500/5mm

Backlight color: white

Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃

Storage temperature:-30℃~+80℃

Protection rating: IP54 front panel, IP67 sensor

Seismic performance 10g(5~~100HZ) DIN IEC68-2-6

Impact resistance: 30g/15ms, DIN IEC68-2-27

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