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Linear scales

  • linear-scale-optical-with-digital-readout-for-lathe-machine-tools
  • linear-scale-optical-with-digital-readout-for-lathe-machine-tools
  • linear-scale-optical-with-digital-readout-for-lathe-machine-tools
  • linear-scale-optical-with-digital-readout-for-lathe-machine-tools


  • Resolution:1um\5um
  • output siginal: TTL\RS422
  • Available length(mm):50-3000mm
  • work speed:30-60m\m
  • Product description: Pinrui manufacturer high quality high competitive price optical linear scale magnatic linear scale in China,

WTB seires optical linear position detection sensor (linear scale for short)

is a measurement feedback device that uses the optical principle of the grating to work. The linear scale is often used in closed-loop servo systems of CNC machines for linear position detection measurement. Its measurement output is a digital pulse signal, with a large detection range, high detection accuracy and fast response time.

Linear scale applications.

1All kinds of measuring machines and instruments of linear position detection measurement: spring testing machine, three-axis machine, projector, microscope

2Digital readout system for all kinds of machine tools: lathe, milling machine, grinder, boring machine, EDM, drilling machine, etc.

3All kinds of CNC machine tools: CNC milling machine, machining center, CNC grinding machine, etc.

4with PLC is used for linear position detection measurement of all kinds of automatic equipment.

Linear scales application on machines 1

Optical linear scale WTB(D) Seires

Accuracy: 0.0005mm, 0.001mm, 0.005mm

output signal: TTL 5V or 24V or RS422

Available length(mm): 50-3000mm

Resolution: 0.5\1\5 μm(micron)

RI: every 50mm

Work speed: 60m/min

Standard signal: 2 TTL square wave 0°and 90°

Option signal:  4 TTL square wave 0°90°180°270°

Phase error: 90°±15°

Operating temperature: 0℃—40℃

Storage temperature: -20℃—50℃

Signal cable length: 3.5m

Available scales length: a), in every 50mm from 50mm to 950mm

b), in every 100mm from 1000mm to 3000mm

This model is usually used on lathe, milling, grinder, boring machines.

linear scale dimension 1

Our scale’s travel length is “L” in the above image, the effective travel length is “L” plus 30mm; the center installing holes distance is “L” plus 136mm; the scales overall length is “L” plus 154mm.

For example: your lathe machine table travel is 900mm, so you need a linear scale in 900mm travel length, the center hole distance is 1036mm, the overall length is 1054mm.

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