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2 Axis digital readout(DRO)

  • 2-axis-digital-readout
  • 2-axis-digital-readout
  • 2-axis-digital-readout


  • Axis: X,Y
  • Resolution: 0.1、0.2、0.5、1、2、5、10
  • Input power: AC90-220V
  • Power Consume: Maximum 15W
  • Product description: Pinrui manufacturer hight quality digital readout dro in China,

digital readout dro 


Zero clearing.
Numerical analysis.
Pre-sets value.
Filters numerical value
Absolute coordinate / relative coordinate /aided zero clearing.
Metric units / Imperial units transfer.
Diameter / semi-diameter can be selected.
Shrinkage rate.
Finds mechanical original point (RI).
Circular point hole.
Oblique line hole.
Arc processing.
Bevel processing.
RS232 communication protocol (Optional configuration).
EDM output.
Edge finer (Optional configuration).

digital readout dro Specification:

Input voltage : AC 90V~240V
Power: Maximum: 15W
Input signal: Orthogonality TTL square wave; frequency
2MHZ; electric current1mA
Resolution: 0.1
Weight: 1.5kg
Dimension:  296 x 184 x 45 (mm)
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